Willy asked 1 year ago


So i’m new in trading and I found this website called Alphabet Broker, and tried to look it up on this website for some review but i couldn’t find any.

Can you tell me about them? They secure?

Best regards Willy

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Scam Option Brokers answered 1 year ago

Hi Willy,
When we checked their site, we did not see a license from CySEC or ASIC, so that means they are not a licensed broker.
There are plenty of licensed broker that you can trade with, see here:

Scam Option Brokers answered 2 months ago

Never invest money with an unlicensed broker. 

T.S.S Productions answered 6 months ago

Hi Willy would like to confirm that alphabet Broker is a scam deposited $350 on the 12th of June and withdrew $200 on the 23rd of the same month and now its August haven’t received anything from them instead calls telling me i should deposit, they are a scam be careful

Amy Stevens answered 2 months ago

Hello, I would like to know if this is true because I’m trading with the company since the beginning of the year, 11 of January.
I started with 500 euro from my saving account, at the beginning I didn’t what to do….
I thought that I will lose that money, I don’t know them but still, I had a feeling that I can money from that.
they showed me how to trade with few indicators I didn’t understand them at the beginning
but after a month where they gave me signals and education.
My account was at 21,745 eur after I invested 7,000 euro on 23 of January.
On the 18 of February, I had a heart surgery and I needed 20,000 eur to pay the hospital.
I requested on the 23 of February the withdraw and received the money on the 27 of February,
I paid the hospital the money and I had left 6,000 eur in the trading account.
Then, month after they Requested from me and my husband to put between 50,000-100,000 eur because our account was small.
we took a loan from the bank for 40,000 and took all the 50,000 we had in our saving account.
I was soooooo terrified to lose that money, but somehow they made us 280,500 in 7 months
I paid the bank the loan and I have now 259,782.
I withdraw every month now 8,000-10,000.
I don’t think they are scammers some of them are jerks but a lot of them are very nice people.
Should I try to withdraw all my money or should I continue to grow my account?
Please Advise.

Amy Stevens answered 2 months ago

Hey Everyone, although I’m making money and I was able to withdraw 8,000-10,000 a month from this account,
I’m trying to withdraw half of the money to be sure, and if we receive that money,
I’m absolutely recommending this website for a great income, I worked hard my entire life for only to make for a living,  and I was able to travel so many places thanks to them.
Hope to give good news soon.
Cheers 🙂

Amy Stevens answered 2 months ago

Thank you, God, for hearing my pray’s.
I can’t believe that I’m going to have a white Christmas this year, we are freaking out at home right now. 
Thank you alphabet for the support and the help, even when it was hard they helped me get stronger, God please bless all the people working in the company.
Please, for everyone that see that and looking to support their family.
This is the best way you can do that!!!! Banks are thieves!!!!!!!!!

Mary Christmas to everyone, I hope that Santa is helping everyone like he helped me.
Cheers!! <3 <3